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Simplify your procurement from “a” to “z” using just one platform

Efficiently bundle all ordering and billing processes in one place. Integrate existing systems on a single platform. Save time and money and finally have more time for the tasks that are really important. Does it sound too good to be true? Welcome to Wucato. Our procurement platform relieves you of time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks. Find exactly the products your business needs in our large assortment of more than 20million operating materials and C parts.

Working with the platform is intuitive. Many functions can be adapted to suit your individual needs. You as a buyer will have access to our offering after just a brief setup process. If necessary, companies can use our platform to control their supplier management processes centrally and ensure that individual departments can only order materials after being granted approval. Enhance your operational procurement with one of Germany's leading procurement platforms.

Automate your procurement processes with Wucato

Automated procurement

The Wucato procurement platform saves you time in operational procurement

Minimum effort

Find exactly the right products in the large assortment offered on the Wucato procurement platform

High-quality assortment

Benefit from transparent processes in your procurement activities with the Wucato procurement platform

Transparent processes

A platform as individual as your company

Whether it's a small five-man operation or a medium-sized company with international operations: At Wucato, we are familiar with your challenges and needs. That's why we offer you two different ways of optimizing your procurement: Use our procurement platform free of charge for fast and flexible procurement or start a comprehensive process optimization process with our experts and use a solution that is tailored to suit your needs.

Wucato - already set up featuring more than 13 million items from more than 60 suppliers


Accelerate your procurement and meet all of your company’s needs from the comfort of your computer, saving time in the process. With our ready-to-run solution, you'll be up and running in no time, with access to more than 20 million items from 100 suppliers.

The most important functions for hassle-free procurement:

  • The intelligent search function allows you to find the products you need in our large assortment quickly.
  • Save your favorites so you can reorder items you need again and again with just a few clicks.
  • Our consolidated invoices allow you to combine orders placed with individual suppliers into one invoice.
  • Independent and easy account setup for maximum flexibility.
  • Add as many team members as you want to your account – allowing you to place joint orders.
  • Define line items, account assignments, and cost centers for all purchases to take the pressure off your Accounting department
  • Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Wucato Professional - the individual solution to optimize your company’s procurement in the long term

WUCATO Professional

Tailored to suit your individual processes to optimize your company's procurement in the long term: that’s Wucato Professional. You can limit our assortment directly to include only certain product areas and connect your suppliers if they are not yet on our platform.

You can also use Wucato Professional to use the following functions :

  • Analyze your needs and get advice on your supplier selection and consolidation potential.
  • Existing framework agreements with your own suppliers are kept and can be added to the system.
  • Automate your procurement processes using the order interface EDI or the ERP integration via OCI/Punchout.
  • Customize your user structure using multi-level approvals and keep an eye on every order.
  • Our Procurement Analysis Report boosts transparency and gives you a better overview of your orders.
  • For the initial setup process, and to receive further advice, a direct contact at Wucato is on hand to help.


Register with Wucato today

Any company can register on our procurement platform and purchase C parts as well as operating materials. Depending on how you want to use our platform, you can register on our order platform either by submitting a form or by making direct contact with our consultants. Both options couldn’t be easier and work like this:

There are two ways that you as a buyer can optimize your procurement with Wucato - Wucato

Option1: Get started quickly and start buying right away

Your registration with Wucato starts with a registration form that you fill out online and send to us. We check your data and then send you your login details by e-mail. It goes without saying that we will treat all of your data as strictly confidential.

There are two ways that you as a buyer can optimize your procurement with Wucato - Wucato Professional

Option 2: Individual setup tailored to suit your procurement processes

To register with Wucato Professional, please contact our consultants. Our colleagues will then arrange a personal consultation session with you, during which you will receive your login details. Our team will work with you to set up your account – customized to reflect your processes – and place a test order.


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Personal and on an equal footing – your partner in digital procurement

Wucato is not an online shop that serves its customers “according to the book”, but rather a procurement platform that helps buyers to achieve their goals in the best possible way. We want to work with you to further develop our systems to optimize each and every procurement process. We ensure that the system ties in with your processes as quickly as possible as part of a cooperative partnership focusing on dialogue. We want you to find exactly what you are looking for in our extensive assortment with as few clicks as possible.

Consolidated suppliers
Bundle all of your suppliers centrally on the procurement platform.
Lower process costs
Reduce the ongoing costs associated with your procurement activities.
Secure data processing
Your user data and accounts are secure and GDPR-compliant.
Personal consultancy
Set up your account together with our experts.
Individual processes
Adapt the platform to suit your internal company processes.
Intelligent search
As a buyer for your company, benefit from the intelligent search function on Wucato.
Free to use
Register for free, with no subscription and no hidden costs.
Intuitive setup and procurement
The intuitive usability of the platform enables fast and optimized purchases.

What our customers say about Wucato

A partner that treats its customers as equals and listens when it matters. In the quest for a solution to enable the easy procurement of operating materials and C parts, the following companies have chosen Wucato:

OBO Bettermann used Wucato’s functions to create transparent processes and achieve straightforward, fast and automated C parts procurement thanks to personal support.

OBO Bettermann

"What makes Wucato special is the personal and individual support provided. Wucato is helping us in our process of transformation aimed at achieving simplified, accelerated and automated C parts procurement. The multi-stage approval workflow and the clear distribution of rights and roles make our processes transparent. We particularly value the pioneering spirit, the importance attached to writing a success story together and the commitment."

Lea Legler


Adient Aerospace Seating GmbH uses Wucato to save valuable time by being able to process all requirements that arise quickly, in a decentralized process and in a controlled manner via the procurement platform.

Adient Aerospace

"Wucato allows us to trigger orders as part of a decentralized process, but still in a controlled manner, using fixed budgets, meaning that we can process day-to-day requirements quickly, easily and with the flexibility we need. This saves us valuable time with a positive impact on productivity in our core processes."

Carina Schäfer


Sika Deutschland GmbH is using Wucato to structure its procurement process for C parts efficiently and now has time for the things that are really important.

Sika Deutschland GmbH

"Wucato is our reliable partner at our side, and has helped us maximize the organizational efficiency of our procurement process for C parts. Now we have time for what is really important.”

Milena Reinke

Procurement Manager - indirect goods

WEVO Chemie GmbH is using Wucato to successfully digitalize and automate its procurement process for C parts and operating materials.


"Wucato has simplified, accelerated, and automated our C parts procurement. Together, we succeeded in digitizing this area of our operations.”

Damir Mehmedovic

Head of Procurement and Logistics


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