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Our platform uses these features to simplify strategic and operational procurement and the post-processing of all transactions

Feels good, looks good, does what it's supposed to – everything about our procurement platform, the user interface and the functions on offer is continuously optimized by us in our quest to achieve one goal: digital procurement that is a perfect fit for your needs and couldn’t be more straightforward.


Strategic procurement


Our platform: fast, safe and easy to use

Our platform feels like you've known it for a long time. Use exactly the functions you need for your procurement activities. Nothing more, but also nothing less than that. Wucato's user interface is state-of-the-art, intuitive and makes strategic and operational procurement as fun as possible. Artificial intelligence running in the background gets you to your destination more quickly and shows you, for example, exactly the product suggestions you need as accessories for the items you have purchased.

Data protection and information security are key components of our platform.

The procurement platform Wucato offers B2B companies secure and straightforward digital strategic procurement

Companies from industry and medium-sized businesses of all sizes are impressed by the large assortment on our procurement platform

The assortment: where no procurement wishes remain unfulfilled

Cover all your needs on just one platform. With more than 20 million high-quality items in 19 product categories, Wucato is your one-stop shop. Whether you are buying for your small craft business or are responsible for strategic procurement for a large corporation:

the range of products offered by our first-class suppliers extends from tools, work clothes and office supplies to special products such as insect protection, charging stations for electric cars and even complete storage systems.

Individual functions for every requirement

You want things to be as quick and easy as possible? Then here you go. Customizable functions make complicated processes a thing of the past. And the things that continually create work for you are the very things we do as efficiently as possible. These are some of the features we have in store for you:

  • Consolidate your suppliers and define your own assortment yourself* – we will be happy to set up existing suppliers and contracts for you.
  • Guided buying: define favorites and make procurement easier for your team.
  • Create requisition templates for your entire team – including an import function.
  • Save time with automated repeat orders for recurring requirements (subscription function).
  • Maintain your own customer material numbers centrally on the platform.*
Automate and optimize your strategic procurement with the functions offered by the Wucato procurement platform

You can define access rights for your team on the Wucato procurement platform

The perfect team setup: roles and rights for everyone!

The benefits are reaped in procurement – especially when the process is efficient, goal-oriented and structured. Speed up control and approval processes and define exactly the access rights for your team that you need:

  • create any number of users.
  • Define rights groups*, budgets and order value limits.
  • Establish single-stage (double-check principle) or multi-stage (can be customized*) approval processes.
  • Keep track of procurement activities within your company with the integrated controlling function.
  • Create procurement analyses to find out which items are ordered most frequently.*

System integration – No loose ends

Is it possible to buy C parts and operating materials directly from your enterprise resource planning system without having to change access? With Wucato, the process is easy. Use our procurement platform to optimize your goods flow and …

  • save the time you would otherwise spend switching back and forth between tools.
  • meet your product needs centrally via one platform.
  • our OCI/EDI job interface or OCI/Punchout to integrate your ERP.*
Wucato allows you to carry out your strategic procurement activities centrally via one access point

ERP systems already connected successfully:

Connect the SAP Business One ERP system to Wucato to transfer documents automatically
Connect the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to Wucato to transfer documents automatically
Connect the Oracle ERP system to Wucato to transfer documents automatically
Connect the abas ERP system to Wucato to transfer invoices automatically
Connect the infor ERP system to Wucato to transfer order confirmations automatically
Connect the myfactory ERP system to Wucato to transfer order confirmations automatically
Connect the proAlpha ERP system to Wucato to transfer invoices automatically
Connect the Sage ERP system to Wucato to transfer order documents automatically
Connect the Scopevision ERP system to Wucato to transfer invoice document automatically
Connect the weclapp ERP system to Wucato to transfer documents via EDI automatically
Your ERP system isn’t listed? No problem! We would be more than happy to integrate your EDI-compliant ERP system as part of a customized solution.


Easy to use


Finding is better than searching

Digital procurement can be fun. For example when you find what you need right away. At Wucato, this is no coincidence, but a standard feature – and works for office-based operational buyers and for your employees on the construction site or in production.

The platform is supported by AI, shows you personalized product suggestions, and allows users to enter keywords, manufacturer item numbers and a lot more via the central search function. Direct entry of supplier item and customer material numbers as well as multiple entry directly in the shopping basket are also standard.

Wucato puts the fun into your digital procurement activities

Establish optimized workflows and improve the work of operational procurement with Wucato

Optimizing workflows, reducing waiting times

To avoid bottlenecks in the company warehouse and purchase the right goods as quickly as possible, buyers need lean and reliable approval processes. WUCATO helps you minimize internal idle times and simplify your operative purchasing processes thanks to the following features:

  • Use your own favorites and ordering templates.
  • Communicate needs directly on the platform.
  • Keep track of your orders with the practical overview.
  • Save time thanks to automated approval.

Scan, beep, and on you go

The WUCATO scanner function is the immediate transfer to your time account. Use the WUCATO scanner* to record your needs with a single beep.

The device is connected to your computer and uses software to transfer the scanned products directly into your shopping basket. A barcode catalog and a label printing option make this scanner a dream to use.

Capture products with just one click with the Wucato Scanner


Clear follow-up processes


Allocate and link with Wucato

Are there invoices piling up on your desk that have not yet been assigned to the right G/L account? Or are missing details in the delivery note making life difficult for your colleagues in the goods receipt department? Say "goodbye" to this administrative chaos with Wucato and make life easier for your Accounting department.

Even before you place the order for the items in your shopping basket, enter the correct cost centers, cost units and addressees. This makes it easy to find them later on the delivery note and in the system.

Wucato's invoicing functions save you time in procurement

Automate your accounting with Wucato

Advanced accounting

Do-it-yourself might well be in vogue – but not when it comes to accounting Our procurement platform reduces manual work to a minimum and simplifies invoice assignment, for example thanks to

  • consolidated invoicing from all indirect suppliers.
  • clearly structured order and invoice overviews.
  • a standardized order number cycle.
  • invoicing via EDI.
  • SAP analyses that we can run for you.
  • full complaints handling by Wucato.


* only available with Wucato Professional You can find more information about Wucato Professional here: Open the overview page for buyers


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