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Wucato is an official partner of the BVMW

In the future, Wucato will support the BVMW in advising German SMEs on digital procurement. Wucato is the ideal B2B purchasing platform for the digital procurement of hazardous goods in Germany

The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW), with its 900,000 members, is Germany's leading network of SMEs. In the future, the association will create a network among its members to address matters relating to digital procurement using the expert knowledge that Wucato has to offer.

Especially in challenging times, solidarity across different sectors is an absolute must. For many companies in Germany's SME sector, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting supply chain reliability and forcing parts of the workforce into furlough and numerous employees into working from home. A large number of companies are racing to digitalize their internal processes, often losing track of which platforms and programs are a good fit for their company.

In order to support its 900,000 members with digital expertise in the future, the BVMW has been cooperating with the creators of the procurement platform Wucato since this November. The BVMW is Germany's largest business association, is represented throughout the country by more than 300 regional contacts and advises political bodies on all key issues relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises. Alexander Wonner is a BVMW consultant for the Heilbronn district and believes that the cooperation with Wucato offers considerable opportunities: "Small and medium-sized enterprises are often unaware of the specific benefits that digital platforms have to offer. Similarly, the possible costs associated with using platforms are not transparent, meaning that companies remain in the dark about them. The fantastic cooperation between us and Wucato will allow us to recommend a top-notch, forward-looking solution that is 'made in Germany' to the engine driving the economy, namely the SME segment."

Ready for digital procurement processes

As part of the collaboration, Wucato's e-commerce experts will support the business association's member companies in their digital transformation journeys and use webinars and small-scale events to show how the online procurement of C parts and operating materials can speed up daily work in purchasing. "We are looking forward to engaging in direct dialogue with so many companies and want to play a part in ensuring that German SMEs are as prepared as they can be for digitalization," explains Heiko Onnen, Managing Director of Wucato.

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