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Procurement during lockdown: Roles, rights and equipment for working from home

Wucato, the digital B2B procurement platform in Germany, supports purchasing in an environment characterized by employees working from home

The entire economy is affected by the current lockdown. In particular, the new regulations on working from home imposed on companies by the German government are a challenge for many businesses and employees. Especially in times of crisis, reliable partners and powerful and adaptable IT are worth their weight in gold.

Working from home recently became mandatory – if a company’s operations allow, German companies should allow as many employees as possible to work from home. This is not only a logistical challenge, because work processes have to be adapted accordingly, but also requires a major personal adjustment for companies and employees alike. As a result, companies need to ensure that their employees can also work productively from home.

Clear division of roles: an advantage when employees are working from home

Even when employees are working from home, procurement has to follow the established purchasing process. This is an area where digital procurement platforms like Wucato can provide support: strategic procurement can divide various users into rights groups – user groups with specific access rights, for example only for certain assortments or suppliers – and assign them budgets and order value limits. Approval processes can also be customized and adapted in a flexible manner should the situation require. Various controlling and analysis functions are also available which procurement can use to maintain an overall view of purchasing activities within the company, also in online procurement. Thanks to clearly defined roles, the procurement process can continue to run smoothly even with employees working from home.

Individual equipment for working from home at the click of a mouse

But the current focus is not only on workflows and coordination among colleagues and departments. An important topic for many companies is also the equipment that their employees need to work from home. The situation still varies considerably from employee to employee – some already have a fully furnished study, others work at the kitchen table or quickly clear a corner in the basement when they need to work. And employees who lack the necessary equipment cannot work productively at all. Here, too, Wucato can provide support: procurement can create any number of new users and delivery addresses on the online platform, allowing employees to have everything they need – from office chairs to protective equipment – delivered to their homes quickly using a self-service function in accordance with company guidelines. The intuitive and state-of-the-art user interface coupled with individual setting options for assortments and suppliers make this process particularly easy. This prevents maverick buying, takes the pressure off procurement and helps companies to get the equipment that their individual employees need as quickly as possible.

The current measures are making life difficult for companies in all sectors of the economy at the moment. That's why it's all the more important to have the right partner at your side. The B2B trading platform Wucato allows you to rely on stable supply chains, high levels of availability and straightforward ordering processes – no matter how complicated the organization might currently be in your day-to-day business.

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