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About Wucato


Fast procurement for buyers, easy customer acquisition for suppliers

Procurement optimizer, digitization expert or beginner: Wucato has set itself the goal of using its central procurement platform to optimize not only digital procurement processes of large companies and small businesses alike, but also the large number of purchasing processes that are still analog – for digital procurement that suits your needs perfectly and is as simple as possible.


Making procurement easy

Wucato makes online procurement a breeze for businesses. The centerpiece is our user-friendly procurement platform, which makes short work of complicated processes. Suppliers are bundled centrally, your orders are clearly listed, and the end result is an automated procurement process. With every step saved, you save costs and free up more time for what really matters.

We make procurement easy
We make it happen

Making it happen

Wucato is all about pioneering spirit. We reliably design processes and functions and create leeway to make our customers and partners a little more successful every day. We are independent, flexible and highly motivated and are committed to the idea of growing together. In addition to our “we can do” mentality, you can benefit from the long-standing experience of the Würth Group.

Transformation companion

Wucato values dialogue. To better understand what motivates the person behind the user, we ask questions and listen carefully. We support you as you enter the world of digital procurement and ensure that everything runs smoothly at every stage. We are a source of impetus and a reliable port of call, our aim always being to work hand-in-hand with our customers and suppliers to deliver convincing results.

We support transformation
Wir sind - Beschaffungsvereinfacher

Improving usability

Wucato is constantly working on the perfect user experience. Anyone who uses our procurement platform can spend less time searching and more time finding. We never stop learning, but always want to learn more. This creates surprising and innovative features for our users. In addition to usability, we value a transparent purchasing and payment process for a purchase that is not only fit for purpose, but also leaves you feeling positive and secure. Or in short: digital procurement "Made in Germany".


From establishment to the present day – the Wucato story

WUCATO Marketplace GmbH was established on 19 October 2015 as an independent start-up of the Würth Group in Stuttgart. The go-live of the procurement platform for craft and industrial supplies followed one year later. The original range featured around 500,000 products; today, Wucato offers around 40 times as many items. Over 30 employees in the Wucato team work in the heart of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, with a direct view of Lake Feuersee.

Wucato is based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


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