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The procurement of C parts and operating materials creates very substantial process costs and the purchase price is usually disproportionate to the procurement work involved. Areas featuring little in the way of digitalization or automation, or that are not digital or automated at all, are particularly critical in terms of costs.

The crucial question now is: are you familiar with the costs of your process when you buy products such as photocopy paper, drills, Coca-Cola or light bulbs? - No?


Wucato allows you to calculate these process costs right away so they don’t play on your mind any longer. Taking into account different German wage levels depending on a company’s location, size and the job position, you can calculate your costs after making only a handful of entries about your company and process times. The entire procure-to-pay process is taken into account. Find out how much time and money you can save with a digital procurement platform. It couldn't be easier.

Calculate process costs, process times and savings opportunities in procurement in just a few steps - with the Wucato process cost calculator