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How our platform simplifies your strategic and operational procurement

The right feature for every step: We'll show you how to simplify every stage in the procurement process.

Don’t search....find - design your assortment to suit your procurement and your company

Guide through the assortment

Can you still have a full overview when confronted with over 20 million items?
These features make it possible:

Individual conditions*

Simply integrate the framework agreements you have concluded with your suppliers and transfer pre-negotiated prices, payment and delivery conditions to Wucato.

Integration of preferred suppliers*

Are you missing a preferred partner on Wucato? Individualize your assortment and have the key suppliers you want connected to the procurement platform.

Guided buying*

Define favorite items that are flagged visually, or opt to exclude certain assortments. This allows preferred products and suppliers to be identified at a glance.

Search & filter

Get where you want faster: The smart search function shows you personal product suggestions and allows you to enter keywords, manufacturer item numbers and customer material numbers.

Wucato Best Buy

Wucato Best Buy makes comparing easy: You can sort same products by price, availability or suppliers to help you find the best service to suit your needs.





Get where you want faster

Do you already know what you want to order?
These features give you an order shortcut option.

Simple order features - for a straightforward and regular purchasing process

Order templates & favorites

Create lists of favorites and order templates for recurring requirements and save time on every order.

Practical subscription function

Automatic regular orders to meet recurring requirements mean that tedious routine jobs are handled by the system.

Own material numbers for customers*

Put an end to duplication: Maintain your own customer material numbers centrally on our procurement platform.

Smart product recommendations

Based on your personal procurement behavior, our platform suggests suitable products and accessories.





Configure roles and rights for all users

Clear roles and rights

Who is allowed to do what?
These features allow you to clearly define the order parameters for each user.

Budgets & order value limits

Define the financial scope that users or user groups have for orders – both for individual order items and for entire shopping carts.

Unique roles*

Assign users or user groups a unique role with specific rights (e.g. as an admin). This means that everyone understands what is relevant to them and what is not.

Hazardous materials officer*

Designate the person responsible for this area so that they are automatically informed of all relevant hazardous material orders and receive safety data sheets.

Unlimited users

Central procurement only works if a large number of employees can participate. Roll Wucato out across all multiple departments and teams thanks to unlimited users.

Approval process

Wucato Basic facilitates a single-stage approval process (double-check principle). With Wucato Professional, you can map multiple, individual approval levels.





Everything under control

Order data, that last invoice or the current delivery status?
These features ensure that no information is lost.

Transparency and efficient ordering processes - from operations to accounting

Extensive order information

All of the relevant data for fast goods receipt processing is included in the order information (e.g. cost centers, G/L accounts, order number range, delivery addresses).

Order and invoice overview

The clearly structured order and invoice overview allows you to keep track of all invoices, orders and the current shipping status of individual deliveries.

OCI/EDI order interface*

Maximum automation: The digital transfer of all order and invoice data reduces manual effort and bundles all order documents centrally in your system.

Individual setup for billing*

In order to take your individual requirements and processes into account, Wucato can facilitate, for example, collective invoices, invoices per cost center or per order based on your requirements.

Simplified invoice processing*

The automated transfer of order information and predefined assignment of users, e.g. to cost centers, mean that invoices are assigned correctly without wasting any time.





A worry-free package with the additional Wucato services and personal support

Personal support and additional services

Are you looking for a bit more support?
Then get in touch with us! We would be happy to provide you with advice.

Analysis dashboard*

Analyze your procurement activities and find out, for example, which items or suppliers are in particular demand or which transactions are being executed at certain locations.

Smart vending machines*

Automate your company's goods issue: Items that employees take from automated dispensers stocked with a cross-supplier assortment are reordered and billed automatically.

Scanner function*

Capture your requirements quickly and easily with the beep of a scanner. Wucato offers a scanner with freely configurable barcode catalogs for products and account assignments.

Setup and support*

We not only give you personal support from the beginning to the end of the implementation process. Our service goes even further: We would be happy to help you optimize your procurement in the long term.

Customer service

We are here to answer your questions about orders, deliveries, invoices and platform features. We also take care of handling complaints with suppliers for you.



* only for Wucato Professional customers



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