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    What are the shipping costs?

    When you order from indirect Wucato suppliers, shipping costs €6.90 per order. Shipping is free for goods worth €50 or more.
    If you purchase a product from a direct supplier, the shipping costs of that supplier apply. These are shown in the shopping basket.

    Does Wucato ship the goods itself?

    No. Wucato works with a network of suppliers. They ship the goods using selected logistics service providers. As soon as the supplier has shipped the goods, the customer receives a delivery notification including tracking information from Wucato.

    Can I have items delivered abroad?

    No, items can only be delivered within Germany.

    How long do deliveries take?

    Your goods are usually delivered within a few business days. You can find the exact delivery time on the item details page.

    Is express shipping possible?

    No, Wucato only offers standard shipping.

    Can I also pick up my goods at Wucato or at suppliers' pick-up shops myself?

    You cannot pick up the goods yourself, as they are shipped directly by the suppliers.

    Why am I receiving my order in multiple packages?

    If you have ordered products from different suppliers, they will be shipped directly to you by the individual suppliers, which is why they are split into several packages.


    How can goods be sent back, returned or complaints made?

    Please use the online form in the “My Wucato” section in the “My office” tab to report a return or complaint. Report a return

    We will tell you what steps to take next once we reviewed your report. The goods to be returned will only be accepted if they are in their original packaging, undamaged and unused.

    Are returns free of charge?

    The fee for returns depends on the individual supplier. For more detailed information, please contact our customer service.

    Payment & invoicing

    Who is the party that issues the invoice?

    When you order from an indirect supplier, the invoice for an order is issued by Wucato. The customer receives a consolidated invoice from Wucato.
    When you order from a direct supplier, the invoice will be issued by the supplier concerned. Every supplier will send an individual invoice.

    Why does the invoice not include Wucato/another company?

    When you order from a direct supplier, the invoice will be issued by the supplier concerned. Every supplier will send an individual invoice.

    What payment options are available?

    Wucato allows you to pay easily by making purchases on account. If you make purchases on account, the net amount is due for payment within 20 days (subject to deductions).

    Why have I already received an invoice although the goods have not yet been delivered or only some of them have been delivered?

    The invoice is issued on the same day the goods leave the suppliers' warehouse, which can result in discrepancies between the time at which the goods and the invoice are received. If you have not received any goods within two working days of receiving the invoice, please contact our customer service team.

    Why have I received a payment reminder even though I have already paid?

    Please send your proof of payment to service@wucato.de. We will address your inquiry promptly and get back to you.


    Who is the contractual partner for orders on Wucato?

    For orders placed with indirect Wucato suppliers, a purchase contract is concluded with WUCATO Marketplace GmbH, meaning that the latter is the contractual partner. When you order from a direct supplier, the supplier concerned is the contractual partner.

    I have not received any order confirmation. Has my order been submitted?

    Wucato will send you an order confirmation to the e-mail address you have provided once the order has been submitted. It summarizes all of the details of your order again. In exceptional cases, order confirmations can end up in your spam folder. If you have not received any confirmation, please contact our customer service team:

    +49 711 4599769-200

    Where can I see my order history?

    The order history is only visible when you are logged in. You can see it in the "Orders" tab in your user account:

    to the order overview

    Is there a minimum order value?

    Wucato does not impose any minimum order value. Your customer account administrator can, however, set an individual minimum order value for you.

    Can I get a volume discount?

    For some items, you will see staggered prices for certain order quantities on the product page to the left of the price. A discount may be granted for larger quantities. This depends on the individual supplier. Please send us an inquiry stating the quantity and item number to service@wucato.de and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Can I also specify a different delivery address/billing address?

    Yes. You can specify different delivery addresses either in your user account under "Delivery addresses" or as part of the order process: to the delivery addresses

    You can pass on a different billing address to our customer service team via your customer account administrator.

    Can orders that have been submitted be changed/canceled?

    You can only change or cancel orders as long as the order has not yet been transmitted to our suppliers. Please check your orders first to see if they can still be canceled. If this option is no longer available, please feel free to contact our customer service team.


    How can I contact Wucato?

    You can contact us via phone or e-mail. Our service team is happy to assist you from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
    e-mail: service@wucato.de
    Tel.: +49 711 4599769-200


    Who can register with Wucato?

    The services that Wucato offers are aimed exclusively at business customers. This means that you first of all have to register with a VAT number before you can order from Wucato.

    How can I create a customer account?

    To create a customer account with Wucato, you have to start by completing the registration form. You will find it at the top right under “Log in/register”. Once your company has been verified, you will receive your personal access data by e-mail. Verification and full activation of the customer account can take up to five business days.

    How much does it cost to register for, and use, Wucato?

    Registering for Wucato, and using it on a self-service basis, are free of charge.

    How long does it take to verify my registration and set up my account?

    Verification and full activation of the customer account can take up to five business days.

    Is it possible to order without registering?

    No, you must register as a customer with a VAT number before you can place an order.

    News & new functions

    How will I be informed about new features on Wucato?

    Our release notes are featured in our newsletter as well as in our magazine on a regular basis.

    Where can I find the Wucato magazine?

    You can find the Wucato magazine here

    How can I subscribe to the Wucato newsletter?

    If you want to receive regular news from Wucato, you can sign up for the Wucato newsletter:subscribe to the newsletter

    How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    If you do not wish to receive any information from Wucato, you can object to e-mails being sent to your e-mail address at any time. Please use the unsubscribe link at the end of each e-mail to do so. You can re-register for the Wucato newsletter at any time.


    Which products are offered on Wucato?

    Wucato offers products from numerous renowned suppliers in the fields of fastening technology, industrial and craft supplies and occupational safety. The assortment ranges from power tools to workshop equipment and screws. To the category overview

    If you want to find out even more, go to:

    Wucato gives you access to more than 100 suppliers with a total assortment of over 20 million items. You can find the list of all suppliers on Wucato here: to the supplier overview

    What is the difference between direct and indirect suppliers?

    Wucato suppliers can be direct or indirect suppliers. The question is, what is the difference when you shop at Wucato?

    • With direct suppliers, you have a direct business relationship with the supplier, can take existing framework agreements with you or negotiate new ones, and you receive your invoice directly from the supplier. In such cases, you cannot receive consolidated invoices spanning several suppliers.
    • With indirect suppliers, you have the direct business relationship with Wucato and can only take framework agreements concluded with suppliers of the Würth Group with you, or negotiate new framework agreements with these suppliers. You will receive your invoice from Wucato, which also allows consolidated invoicing across multiple suppliers.

    If you want to find out even more, go to: My suppliers

    Why can't I see a particular supplier?

    Your customer account will be set up individually for you. If you are unable to view a supplier's item, start by checking with your customer account administrator or contact our customer service team.

    Can I add my most important suppliers to Wucato?

    Wucato generally gives you the option of expanding the supplier portfolio. To do so, please contact our customer service team to specify your request.

    OCI & external catalogs

    What is an external catalog? What is an OCI punchout?

    Through an OCI punchout (Open Catalog Interface), you can place orders from Wucato with your customer account for products available from integrated OCI supplier shops. This means you access an external catalog that is not within Wucato.

    What are the advantages of an external catalog?

    • External catalogs offer various benefits, such as providing configurable items like custom-printed workwear or business cards, as well as granting access to extensive catalogs, like literature.
    • Your ordering and billing processes remain centralized through Wucato. Purchase conditions, user accounts, and preferences are retained during the punchout, eliminating the need to create them multiple times in other shops.

    Which external catalogs can I access?

    • Public Catalogs: All public OCI suppliers are listed on the supplier overview. Depending on the company settings of your customer account, the catalogs may already be visible by default under "Advanced Supplier Catalogs" in the "Discover" menu.
    • Individual Catalogs: These are typically set up for 1:1 business relationships or when the external catalog requires specific individual settings.

    How can I activate a catalog?

    • For Users: If the catalog is not visible, it may have been deactivated by the Wucato administrator in your company, or manual setup is required by the supplier. To activate it, please contact your Wucato administrator or Wucato customer service.
    • For Admins: Administrators can request activation through the Wucato customer service.

    How does the product selection and ordering process work?

    Jump-off / Login:

    • To access the individual supplier's external catalogs, navigate to the "Advanced Supplier Catalogs" tab in the "Discover" menu. By clicking on the supplier, you will be directed to their external shop, and you will be automatically logged in.

    Product Selection & Configuration:

    • Search, choose, or configure your desired products and add them to your shopping cart. The only difference from the regular supplier's online shop is that the final purchase is not completed directly.

    Cart Transfer:

    • At the end of the shopping cart, you will find a button to transfer the items to the Wucato shopping cart. You will be redirected back to Wucato in the same step. In the Wucato shopping cart, you can proceed with the purchase as usual.


    • The external product assortments cannot be found through the internal Wucato search. Additionally, the functions of Subscription Orders (automatic interval orders) and Order Templates are not available for external products.

    Can I integrate preferred suppliers via OCI (Open Catalog Interface)?

    Yes, this is particularly advantageous when the supplier offers very large assortments or customizable/configurable items.

    General Terms and Conditions

    Where can I find Wucato’s General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCs)?

    You can find the General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCs) here: to the GTCs

    Where can I find the general terms and conditions of business (GTCs) of the direct suppliers on Wucato?

    The general terms and conditions of business (GTCs) of the direct suppliers can be found in the supplier profiles: to the supplier overview

    What are the terms of use for the Wucato platform?

    Wucato’s General Terms and Conditions of Use can be found here: to the Terms and Conditions of Use

    What is Wucato's general privacy policy?

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